This Substitution god! Wear handsome soldiers who deception dotting magic pen Ferguson salute

Aguero made a race against time to reverse Kompany press teammates excited though, and fans who play a heartbeat, but in the famous gold home, Manchester City still narrowly "minimum consumption" Waterford, cut foot Total Cup five. The biggest player in this war is not so much Aguero hat-trick, as it is on the bench sees clearly Pellegrini, the Chilean engineer to ordinary people to understand the level of God Substitution quickly rewrite the situation, the achievements of Blue Moon Qian Kun Da Nuo. Half-namely Waterford double striker Thierry and Lamberto Dini Fresno the next city, two goals behind Manchester City almost pushed to the edge of the cliff, the dead end of Manchester City should be how to do? Seeing the situation, the wily Pellegrini certainly will not stand still, he made two substitutions to adjust the second half began, but summoned the large ones are eye-popping: he let Kompany and Sa Balai Ta appearance, replacing Luodeweier and Richards. The team behind, according to the conventional idea should exhaust attacking players Cuichengbazhai reverse the situation, but the Chilean engineer the opposite, actually the first in defense fuss, what drugs he's snake oil? Personnel adjustments Manchester soon receive miraculous: after the team Course truss fence, Waterford offensive gradually declining, Manchester City's offensive storm is in the ascendant: Toudingjiaoti Aguero hat-trick, Kolarov also He scored a trademark long-range, four-ball Blue Moon counterattack very touching, inspiring, argument apply Comedy stars of the week: the ups and downs of life too fast, it is so exciting! Since the White City, Pellegrini many anecdotes, he was undoubtedly the most hilarious widespread Substitution two wonderful story. One: Champions League finale, Manchester City 3-2 away to Bayern's record is certainly commendable, but Pellegrini does not seem to take into account the Blue Moon reentry ball that is able to beat opponents won the group head name, the last of substitutions to the luodeweier, rather than early rafts Aguero desperate. This war started before Manchester City qualify from the group has been locked in advance, when Pellegrini's team a chance to score 4-2 or greater chance to defeat Bayern on away goals advantage to snatch the first name, the engineer suddenly nerves short-circuit , eventually leading Manchester City only the second qualifying group, in the 1/8 finals able to get the powerful Barcelona. Second: Manchester City in the FA Cup third round 1-1 draw with Blackburn Rovers, Pellegrini wanted Navas replaced in the match by the dominant state average, but remember the player numbers, the goal hero Negredo "won." Such a stupid mistake I am afraid that a sudden and devastating doubts fans: the famous engineer, figures do not even remember? And Waterford battle, Pellegrini finally "his excellent", with miraculous achievements of substitutions Manchester Great Escape. Adjustment guard reinforce the defense, so that in the frontcourt to more boldly into the attack, Manchester City coach's substitutions received the expected results, and ultimately by every big scene there must be generous Aguero, a strong desire to attack Corallo complete redemption .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League kids soccer kits 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Is not that the way that some substitutions familiar? Season 2011/2012 England Community Shield, Manchester United 3-2 Manchester City, Ferguson's team for 2 goals behind in the first half, the second half prayer flag waved, with Evans, Phil - Jones replaces double defender, help Red Devils came from behind last laugh. Pellegrini in exactly the same way Substitution, Manchester United to part forever dump Hermitage lakes Sir Alex Ferguson, send the most sincere tribute!
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