Manchester City at White Hart Lane in one fell swoop captured a partial pressure of Arsenal lead the pack

With the mercury spilled in attack, captured in one fell swoop Manchester City at White Hart Lane .Besides,if you are interested in soccer shirt,you probably love wearing Premier League cheap man utd shirt 2016, the soccer shirt can be found from this uk site: ! Well,let's continue talking about england football news.. Yesterday morning, in a Premier League the focus of war, Aguero, Toure, Dzeko, Vidic and Kompany five arrows shot, but the Spurs only restore the 卡普埃 little face, and finally Blue Moon Away 5: 1 victory over Tottenham. The campaign Harding Park, Manchester City beat Arsenal 1 point advantage, leading the Premier League clash. Expedition London, Manchester does not seem to put the Spurs on the eyes, it would rival stormed from the beginning of the game, but Sergio Aguero is take the lead and become the Blue Moon array of the most sharp weapons. Silva accurate forward pass in the Spurs defense and ripped a crack, erratic moves Aguero hint, lightweight foot rub shot, to help Manchester City half a goal lead. However, just before halftime, Aguero in a scraping, some suspected thigh injury, coach Manuel Pellegrini Manchester City decisive end with Vidic will replace Argentine. Aguero went straight into the tunnel, from his reaction, it seems that not a light injury. Perhaps even Pellegrini did not think his current forced substitutions, but successfully activated Vidic. After Toure and Dzeko has scored, the high price to 30 million euros to join Montenegro demon, finally gains a personal first goal in the Premiership. Since last year, put on the shirt of Manchester City, Vidic will be plagued by injuries, until just recently recovered from a game after Sergio Aguero ahead of departure, Pellegrini did not choose Negredo, but chose Vidic, Montenegro striker finally returns with the actual performance of the coach's trust. After the game, Pellegrini brilliance, but prospects for winning, Chileans still seems relatively calm. "Now talking about the league, everything is still too early, and there are a lot of games. Of course, if we can continue this performance, I believe that Manchester City still a good chance the last laugh." Pellegrini says. In another match, put the metal matrix face West Ham, Chelsea do nothing, I can only reluctantly accepted 0: 0 final, recently in the 7-game winning streak in all competitions have been the end of the Hammers. Blues encounter blocking, Mourinho innuendo West Ham progress, "Football is a game both teams play, but the game only one team, the other team did not in play. I told Big Sam (West Ham boss Sam Allardyce), so ugly football, should not have appeared in the Premier League, which is entirely original 19th-century football. "

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